Jack Leeder, Artist and Designer, a World of Creative ideas
Terms & Conditions
0.1 'Jack Leeder' refers to the registered sole trader business.
0.2 The 'client' is you, the person or business who places the order for work from Jack Leeder.
0.3 The 'work' is any product or service which is being provided by Jack Leeder.
0.4 The 'terms' is the entirety of this document.
0.5 The 'final work' is the deliverable content ordered by the client and does not include any preparatory work or demonstrations.
0.6 The 'client assets are photographs, images, text and any materials supplied by the client to Jack Leeder.
1.1 These terms constitute a valid and binding contract between Jack Leeder and you the client for any work ordered.
1.2 Both parties agree that United Kingdom law governs this contract and any legal claim arising from this contract will be settled via the legal system of the United Kingdom.
Orders & Payment
2.1 Jack Leeder reserves the right to refuse orders.
2.2 Jack Leeder reserves the right to change his prices without notice. (Excluding work on order)
2.3 All quotations given by Jack Leeder for work are valid only for 28 (twenty eight) days.
2.4 All orders for work by Jack Leeder must be received in writing on a signed order form.
2.5 Fixed price work includes material costs. In the case of bespoke or hourly rate work, material costs are itemised on the order form.
2.6 The client will pay Jack Leeder an advance payment of 50% (fifty percent) of the total cost or fixed price before the work commences. The client will then pay the remaining 50% (fifty percent) on completion.
2.7 Jack Leeder reserves the right to withhold any final work until full payment has been received.
2.8 All invoices raised by Jack Leeder shall become due for payment to be recieved 14 (fourteen) days following the date of the invoice unless consent is expressly given in writing to the client for extension of this period or the terms.
2.9 Jack Leeder reserves the right to pass on any excess charges incurred during the recovery of late payments.
3.1 Timescales for completion of and delivery of final work are set at the time ordering.
3.2 Jack Leeder cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred by the client resulting from missed deadlines.
3.3 Failure by the client to provide assets, proof checks or progress the work in any way, may result in a full price charge for the unfinished work.
3.4 Jack Leeder cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred by the client resulting from third parties delivering final work.
4.1 Client assets supplied to Jack Leeder must be the clients own or licensed for use by the client. Jack Leeder cannot be held responsible for any breach of copyright or any other right infringed by their use.
4.2 Copyright of the final work is passed to client once payment has been recieved in full. However Jack Leeder retains the right to use any work in portfolios or for marketing and promotion of his services.
4.3 The copyright of any earlier concept, design idea or pre-made modules incorporated into the final work remains with Jack Leeder unless separately negotiated.
5.1 Both parties agree to adhere to the data protection act and will not share sell or misuse any information resulting from this contract and the work ordered.
5.2 Jack Leeder cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage during transit of client assets. It is up to the client to insure accordingly.