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Recent Work Autumn 2010  

I've been busy in the studio and I've enjoyed working on a variety of projects over the last year. Some of my recent work has been for my expanding client base and some has been in-house personal work. Check out the items on this page to see what has been happening.


Reality SoundStation

Reality Soundstation

Earlier this year I was asked to re-draft the logo for a London based record label called Reality Soundstation. After producing the logo I was asked to implement it in the disc labels for their latest vinyl releases.


Architectural Visualisations

Architectural visualisation 2

A commission for drawings to help visualise repairs and renovations to an abandoned farmhouse. After making on-site measurements, floor plans and elevations I drew two illustrations to demonstrate the use of different materials. Solid masonry and recycled timber.


Anomolous Serendipity

Anomolous serendipity x3

Artwork in three parts. Pencil, vector and colourful pixels.