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Privacy Policy
Jack Leeder does NOT collect any personal information from users visiting WWW.jackleeder.co.uk

WWW.jackleeder.co.uk does NOT use cookies to collect information from visitors.

Jack Leeder collects anomymous traffic statistics for WWW.jackleeder.co.uk via the current web host.

If in the future Jack Leeder decides to use cookies or any other information capture on www.jackleeder.co.uk he shall do so in accordance with applicable law and safe practice.

Notice Data collection practice will be clearly stated before any information is collected from visitors.
Choice Visitors will be given options with respect to whether and how personal information will be collected from them.
Access Visitors will be able to view and contest the accuracy and completeness of data collected about them.
Security Jack Leeder will take reasonable steps to assure that information collected from visitors is accurate and secure from unauthorized use.