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Radio Wildstylus 1


Home-produced with the intention to please, provoke, pervade. RWS is a musical adventure, a journey into sound. CD1 starts at 100 bpm and rises to 150 bpm over 45 minutes. Sweeping across genres, rhythms & soundscapes. Radio Wildstylus is not random eclectic. It is Freestyle, superfunky mixalicious. A beat-snapping finger-popping magical mystery tour.

Here are just some of the ingredients that are featured on CD1

Air Badmarsh & Shri
The Beastie Boys Belleville Rendevous
Bentley Rhythm Ace Big Audio Dynamite
Bugsy Malone The Charlatans
Coldcut Dee-lite
DJ Format Fat Boy Slim
The Freestylers Gorillaz
Grandmaster Flash Hanna Barbera
Jimi Hendrix Johny Cash
Jurassic 5 The Jungle Brothers
The Kaminski Experience The Keiserchiefs
The Kings of Lyon The KLF
Lee Scatch Perry Leftfield
Mantronix Manu Chao
Miles Davis Nahawa Doumbia
Public Enemy Radiohead
The Rolling Stones Roni size
The Specials The Soggybottom Boys
Sutra Sonic Ultramagnetic MCs
Us3 The Wiseguys

Hows it done?

RWS is cooked in a specially adapted kitchen using an ultra-simplified mixing bowl. Beats, breaks & samples are finely weighed and stirred in using a virtual cross-fader. Each portion is 16bit baked before dipping in scratches and sprinkling with delay echoes.

radio wildstylus gramaphone graphic


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Radio Wildstylus 1 CD cover

CD1 cover

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